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Our Work
Here some brief examples of projects we've conducted and how they've benefited clients.

Marketing Strategy and Brand Equity
  • Understanding car dealers' perceptions of automotive Internet advertising packages and their decision process in selecting providers. This learning provided direction on how the advertising product could be redesigned to enhance the dealers' experience and generate additional revenue for the company.
  • Gaining insight into the role of mass marketed and luxury pens among consumers, brand perceptions and how the pen retail shopping experience influences choices. This study identified key consumer segments and pinpointed opportunities to heighten consumer interest in pens.
  • Investigating women's perceptions and images of European luxury clothing brands, how the new design direction of a brand fits the brand's parameters and opportunities for the brand to increase its US business.
  • Learning how consumers view and use automated voice telephone systems, and how a client can effectively implement a system to enhance service and revenue.
  • Understanding consumers' reactions to and communication of a new television campaign for an automotive Web site, including how the advertising worked to differentiate the brand from a well-entrenched competitor. Learning from the study resulted in modifications to the commercials, which subsequently quantitatively tested far above the category norm.
  • Exploring patients' reactions to advertising for a new medication to understand how this advertising differentiated the brand, how it was contributing to "buzz" about the product and how it was motivating consumers to take action. Learning identified key strengths of the campaign as well as direction for future refinements.
New Products
  • Creating a panel of women to evaluate different formulations of a hair care product intended for global distribution. This research uncovered consumers' needs and opportunities for the brand, and also led to a significant correction in the marketing strategy.
  • Conducting longitudinal in-home interviews among African American women to gain fresh insight into their hair practices and needs to develop a new global line of relaxer products.
  • Exploring consumer reactions to designs, packaging and merchandising to provide direction for launching a European product in the United States.
  • Understanding how proposed new menu items fit with a restaurant chain's brand image and target market, and how they can work to differentiate the chain from the competition.